Dark things which won’t stay dead, lurking in shadowy corners, forgotten buildings or sometimes just the corner of your eye. Based on real events, Nyctophobias offers twenty tales of the dark accompanied by the artwork of twenty acclaimed artists.



“A solid horror anthology through and through. Burgess is a rising star in the horror comics world and this book is further proof of that. It scratches a slightly different itch than his traditional comic work, but is just as terrifying.”  Horror Dna


“They are not just scary but also funny, touching, even happy – or at least make you wish for a happy ending. I thought the illustrations enhance the atmospheric, spooky vibe of the book. Each artwork showcases a variety of style and creativity. Some of them I would be afraid to find in the dark! If you love horror stories, this would be perfect for you.” Read By Dusk


“The stories were captivating, and surprisingly long. I was expecting to chew through this “graphic novel” in less than an hour, but it functions more as a novella. There’s a mix of panelled comics, illustrated stories and stand-alone pieces, so you tend to get a lot of bang for your buck.“ Rue Morgue



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